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Russian version ISSN: 1996-9953 (Print) ISSN: 2658-5804 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science. Innovation. Education' Journal
Science and Technology Policy
Problems of Innovation Sector
Education Sector Development

Science and Technology Policy

1. Results of the Ceremony of the 5th All-Russian Award for Fidelity to Science
Authors: Ponimatkina L.A., Zharova E.N.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 167-172
2. Science Diplomacy as a Form of Public Diplomacy in the Government Foreign Policy of Russian Federation
Authors: Vasilyeva I.N.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 70-101
3. The Science Labor Market in Russia and Abroad (Based on the Largest Science Job Portals)
Authors: Malahov V.A.
Issue № 4 / 2018
Pages of publication: 120-132
5. International monitoring of the level of remuneration of scientific personnel using the example of the Payscale information resource
Authors: Ushakova S.E., Boychenko T.A.
Issue № 3 / 2108
Pages of publication: 83-98
6. Analysis of foreign experience and main directions of popularization of scientific and technical activities on television in Russia
Authors: Zharova E.N., Agamirova E.V.
Issue № 3 / 2018
Pages of publication: 45-60
7. The current system of budget funding of science: advantages and disadvantages
Authors: Martynova E.A.
Issue № 3 / 2018
Pages of publication: 23-44
8. On prospective instruments for financial support of economic entities in carrying out applied research
Authors: Sergeeva O.L., Blagoveshchenskaya A.S.
Issue № 3 / 2018
Pages of publication: 5-22
9. Regional state funds for support of science, technology and innovation: success, problems, foreign experience
Authors: Lapochkina V.V., Kamensky A.S., Kornilov A.M.
Issue № 2 / 2018
Pages of publication: 26-53
10. Analysis of the success of industrial partners in the science and technology program contests
Authors: Skuratov A.K., Zubarev A.P.
Issue № 2 / 2018
Pages of publication: 5-25