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Russian version ISSN: 1996-9953 (Print) ISSN: 2658-5804 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science. Innovation. Education' Journal
Science and Technology Policy
Problems of Innovation Sector
Education Sector Development

Cross-country comparisons

1. External perception of the Russian science and technology complex as illustrated by the OECD reports
Authors: Vershinin I.V., Kornilov A.M.
Issue № 2 / 2018
Pages of publication: 71-92
2. Russia in International Science, Technology and Innovation Indexes
Authors: Martynova E.A., Malahov V.A.
Issue № 3 / 2017
Pages of publication: 5-34
3. An Overview of Statistical indicators: R&D Funding
Authors: Chechenkina T.V., Kucherenko K.S.
Issue № 3 / 2016
Pages of publication: 123-135
4. Intellectual Migration in China, India and Russia: Some International Comparisons
Authors: Sokolov D.V.
Issue № 3 / 2016
Pages of publication: 45-63
5. Russian Science in the Context of Cross-country Comparisons: Review of R&D Efficiency Statistics
Authors: Chechenkina T.V.
Issue № 1 / 2016
Pages of publication: 125-141