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Russian version ISSN: 1996-9953 (Print) ISSN: 2658-5804 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science. Innovation. Education' Journal
Science and Technology Policy
Problems of Innovation Sector
Education Sector Development

Research infrastructure

1. The Analysis of the Availability of Scientific and Technical Information to Russian Research Groups and Individual Scientists in 2017 According to Web of Science
Authors: Parfenova S.L., Bogatov V.V., Dikusar K.S., Khaltakshinova N.V.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 102-146
4. The problems of the research consumables import and export: the case of Russia
Authors: Chechenkina T.V.
Issue № 1 / 2018
Pages of publication: 47-64
5. The Results of Monitoring of Russian Core Shared Research Facilities and Unique Scientific Installations for 2016
Authors: Kalyuzhnyi K.A.
Issue № 4 / 2017
Pages of publication: 88-115
7. Infrastructure for Science and Innovation in the Federal Subjects of Russia
Authors: Yurevich M.A.
Issue № 3 / 2017
Pages of publication: 95-112
9. Impact of Information Technology on the Dynamics of Employment in Russia and Abroad
Authors: Dubinina M.G.
Issue № 2 / 2017
Pages of publication: 109-133
10. Core Facilities in Developed Countries:Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Chechenkina T.V.
Issue № 1 / 2017
Pages of publication: 80-101