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Russian version ISSN: 2686-6706 (Print) ISSN: 2686-6714 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science Management and Scientometrics' Journal
Dear authors and readers!
Starting from the issue 2, 2019 the name of the scientific journal
has been changed.
The new name of the journal is "Science Governance and Scientometrics".
The journal continues to be indexed in all declared databases.

Analysis of the Current State of Technology Transfer in Russia and Developing Proposals for Improving Its Effectiveness

Zharova E.N., Gribovsky A.V.

Issue 4(26)/2017

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Currently, scientific and technological development of Russia of the state has received considerable attention both from the public authorities and the scientific community. In the context of the need to ensure the sustainable development of the national economy and to join the group of the leading countries – technology suppliers, the organization of the technology transfer system that ensures the transfer of innovation results from the stage of scientific research and experiments to the stage of practical application becomes one of the most important instruments of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation.

The article analyses the current state of technology transfer in Russia and, in particular, the number and structure of technology transfer centers, their distribution throughout base organizations and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, it considers such instruments of technology transfer as small innovative enterprises and engineering centers.

Since technology transfer consists of several stages, the effectiveness of technology transfer is understood as the successful practical application of the transferred technology. The authors assess the impact of technology transfer in such areas as: the sources of acquisition of advanced production technologies in Russia; the number of valid patents (for inventions, utility models and industrial designs) and concluded agreements on the sale of licenses and the patent rights alienation; the distribution of internal agreements on the sale of licenses and the patent rights alienation by categories of economic entities; the distribution of internal agreements on the purchase of licenses and patent rights by categories of economic entities.

Drawing on the analysis, the authors conclude that at present the system of technology transfer is in the formative stage and make proposals for improving its effectiveness.


Трансфер технологий, инновационная экономика, научно-образовательная сфера, малые инновационные предприятия, инжиниринго вые центры, патент, лицензия, исследования и разработки
Full article in PDF :