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Russian version ISSN: 1996-9953 (Print) ISSN: 2658-5804 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science. Innovation. Education' Journal
Science and Technology Policy
Problems of Innovation Sector
Education Sector Development

Full list of publications

1. Results of the Ceremony of the 5th All-Russian Award for Fidelity to Science
Authors: Ponimatkina L.A., Zharova E.N.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 167-172
2. The Main Changes in the Russian Legislation in Science and Technology in 2018
Authors: Stepanova M.O.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 147-166
3. The Analysis of the Availability of Scientific and Technical Information to Russian Research Groups and Individual Scientists in 2017 According to Web of Science
Authors: Parfenova S.L., Bogatov V.V., Dikusar K.S., Khaltakshinova N.V.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 102-146
4. Science Diplomacy as a Form of Public Diplomacy in the Government Foreign Policy of Russian Federation
Authors: Vasilyeva I.N.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 70-101
5. The Foresight for Practical Realization of Research in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Technologies
Authors: Zyuz’kov G.N.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 42-69
6. Patent Specialization Atlas as a Tool for the Monitoring of Promising Technological Areas
Authors: Ilina I.E, Agamirova E.V., Lapochkina V.V.
Issue № 1 / 2019
Pages of publication: 8-41
7. The Science Labor Market in Russia and Abroad (Based on the Largest Science Job Portals)
Authors: Malahov V.A.
Issue № 4 / 2018
Pages of publication: 120-132