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Russian version ISSN: 2686-6706 (Print) ISSN: 2686-6714 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science Management and Scientometrics' Journal
Dear authors and readers!
Starting from the issue 2, 2019 the name of the scientific journal
has been changed.
The new name of the journal is "Science Governance and Scientometrics".
The journal continues to be indexed in all declared databases.

Qualitative Changes in Scientific and Technological Potential of Russia

Parfenova S.L., Grishakina E..G., Zolotarev D.V.

Issue 1(19)/2016

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The aim of the research is to choose an approach to evaluation of a state of the scientific and technological potential of Russia. The research subject is the bundle of governing decisions oriented to the development of separate structural elements of scientific and technological potential of Russia. As theoretical and methodological base the concept of the management of changes in complicated social-economic systems has been chosen which includes evolutionary and revolutionary methods of changes. Main results of the theoretical part of the research are original authors’ vision of the term «scientific and technological potential» and its main structural elements, including organizational conditions of the scientific and technological sphere; and technological potential. The research includes following stages. First – analysis and systematization of governmental measures, oriented to creation of conditions for the development of the scientific and technological potential of Russia. Second – creation of statistical base of the research (2009–2014 years). Third – graphical interpretation of main scientific and technological potential indictors’ change (given other elements are fixed). Fourth – the evaluation of the changes in scientific technological potential of Russia. The authors searched questions of governmental financing of fundamental and applied scientific research. The results of the work are: analysis of the conditions for scientific staff reproduction, analysis of the conditions for material and technical base reproduction; evaluation of main indicators, reflecting common state of scientific and technological potential of Russia (number of publications of Russian authors in scientific journals, indexed in Web of Science database; number of the objects of intellectual property); the conclusions of the qualitative changes of scientific and technological potential of Russia.


Scientific and technological potential, qualitative changes, the concept of the changes management, conditions of reproduction, organizational conditions, scientific staff, material and technical base, informational resource, the results of scientific activities.
Full article in PDF :