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Russian version ISSN: 2686-6706 (Print) ISSN: 2686-6714 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science Management and Scientometrics' Journal
Dear authors and readers!
Starting from the issue 2, 2019 the name of the scientific journal
has been changed.
The new name of the journal is "Science Governance and Scientometrics".
The journal continues to be indexed in all declared databases.

The 4th International Scholarly and Practical Conference Review: World-Class Academic Publication 2015: The Current Global Trends and Practice in Editing,Publishing and Evaluation of Academic Publications

Parfenova S.L., Grishakina E..G., Zolotarev D.V.

Issue 17/2015

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The 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific edition of the international level - 2015: modern trends in the world practice of editing, publishing and evaluation of scientific publications" was held In St. Petersburg on May 26-29, 2015. The role of various forms of scientific communications in the development of world science were discussed.

The scientific process is a way of building knowledge and sharing it with colleagues. Scientific knowledge builds on previous ideas and is constantly growing in a spiral. A published scientific article is the intermediate result presented for peer review of other scientists. To make a research result available to others, a researcher has to present scientific results in a testable way and make references to the initial data confirming the logic of the research. The modern approach to the documentation of scientific articles is oriented towards the fulfillment of these conditions. This approach allows to overcome barriers that reduce the speed of integration of research results into information retrieval systems available through networks, indexes and other dissemination tools. The modern techniques of displaying data and results, dynamic and interactive components, make research results and conclusions more transparent and understandable.


Publications, Web of Science, Scopus, scientific journals, scientometrics
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