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Russian version ISSN: 1996-9953 (Print) ISSN: 2658-5804 (Online) Subscription index: 65055
'Science. Innovation. Education' Journal
Science and Technology Policy
Problems of Innovation Sector
Education Sector Development

The Results of Monitoring of Russian Core Shared Research Facilities and Unique Scientific Installations for 2016

Kalyuzhnyi K.A.

Issue 4(26)/2017

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The paper presents the results of evaluation or the Russian core shared research facilities (CSRFs) and unique scientific installations (USIs) performance on the basis of the statistical data for 2016. It includes comparison with the values of the similar indicators for 2015 calculated for one CSRF or one USI. The author identifies the group of the CSRFs and USIs that were funded in 2007–2016 under the Federal Targeted Program for Research and Development in Priority Areas of Development of the Russian Scientific and Technological Complex.

The results of the analysis showed that the dynamics of the majority of the evaluation indicators is missing or is positive with slight increase. The average price and quantity of the equipment of a single CSRF, the price of a single USI, the average staff number of the CSRFs and USIs, the average quantity of the service customers and the work level did not change. The share of imported equipment remains high. The share of commercial and industrial enterprises among the customers of the CSRFs increased, as well as the average value of the work performed with the use of the USIs and the equipment of the CSRFs.


Scientific infrastructure, research infrastructure, core shared research facility, unique scientific installation, research equipment
Full article in PDF :